Privacy and security policy

The CORA project is committed to the security of the information provided on the site, ensuring your privacy throughout the browsing and purchasing process.
All personal information used on will be handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law of October 26, 1998 (Law no. 67/98).
The information is not disclosed to third parties, except when necessary for the process of delivery, payment or promotions authorized by the client.

Terms and conditions of use

By browsing the site, the customer will be in accordance with the Terms and conditions of use described below:

1. Access Data

1.1 – The customer is responsible for the information provided by him at the time of registering the data, as well as for the changes made later through a login and password of restricted use, being under his entire responsibility any information that is untrue, inaccurate or improperly attributed, yet which involuntarily.
1.2 – The client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the data of his account and password of access, being certain that all the activities developed in the system linked to his password will be taken as executed by him.
1.3 – The customer agrees to notify immediately by e-mail [email protected], about the unauthorized use of his login and password or any breach of security of his knowledge. Sole Paragraph: In view of the foregoing, it is up to the client to immediately change his password and other access data.
1.4 – In no case does CORA request access data (login and password). Should such request occur, the client should communicate to us by email: [email protected].

2. Delivery Policy

2.1 – Orders are only processed for delivery after confirmation of payment.
2.2 – The deadline for product separation may vary from 01 to 05 business days, depending on the quantity and diversity of the order.
2.3 – CORA in partnership with the company Correios, offers only delivery by Sedex. The freight values are established at the time of purchase, depending on delivery region.
2.4 – The delivery period of the Post Office may vary according to the region, and may take from 1 (one) to 31 (thirty one) business days. The customer must add to this deadline, the period of separation of the order (item 2.2).
2.5 – In case of delay in delivery of the company Correios, CORA undertakes to open a complaint and follow the request until it is delivered to the customer, and inform it whenever there is a change in the status of the request.
2.6 – In relation to the company Correios, in case of loss of merchandise, CORA will only send the order again after answering the mails in a system, clarifying the occurrence of the loss. Otherwise, the customer must wait until the company Correios answers and resolves the case. Sole paragraph: CORA does not send a new order in cases of delay in delivery.
2.7 – CORA is not responsible for the delay of the order delivered by the company Correios for reasons of strike or absence of agency responsible for the delivery address.
2.8 – CORA, at its discretion, may request the collection by other carriers. In this case, the customer will be communicated by email about the company and freight amount.

About sending emails and spam
CORA does not compromise with the practice of SPAM. We do not send messages without your permission.
When making an order, CORA will send you messages strictly related to the process of your request that involves: Requested, Pending Payment, Authorized Payment, Processing
Order, Delivered Order.

3. Exchanges and Returns

3.1 – CORA establishes its policy of exchanges and returns based on the legal provisions of the Consumer Protection Code (CDC).
3.2 – The term for exchange or return is up to 31 (thirty one) calendar days from the date of receipt of the order.
3.3 – CORA reserves the right not to exchange crumpled, scraped, broken, damaged or used / worn products due to misuse.
3.4 – The exchange or return must, OBLIGATORY, be requested through our service channels: Contact by email: [email protected]
3.5 – CORA guarantees the exchange or return, whether by defect, malfunction or repentance, provided that the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled.



About Payment Data

CORA does not store credit card information or any other information that compromises security with respect to payment.
We count with the facility and security of payment of PagSeguro UOL. The entire payment process occurs on the PagSeguro platform, in a secure environment, with SSL certificate and other security requirements.
Your order is only processed for shipment after payment confirmation, sent by PagSeguro, to our order management system.

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